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This is a small trust set up to protect and conserve the bio-diversity in the Mt. Kenya National Park and helps to contribute to the preservation of endangered species, such as the forest elephant and bongo antelope, on Mount Kenya. As Africa’s second biggest peak, the mountain is a spectacular outing, with a variety of completely unique flora and fauna on each segment of the mountain as it gets higher and higher. Throughout the year, snow can be seen on top of the mountain and the hike to the top is recognized to be much more demanding than that of Kilimanjaro (in neighbouring Tanzania).

As the prime water source for much of the country, it is essential that the forests on Mount Kenya remain intact. Constant monitoring with ranger teams for de-snaring and illegal felling of timber is therefore essential. This small organization is extremely effective and is working hard to make sure that issues such poaching, illegal logging and the killing of animals for bushmeat is eradicated.

Mount Kenya’s forests suffered considerably in the 20th century when large areas were cleared to provide timber and land for a rapidly growing population. At the turn of the 21st century, a detailed aerial survey, carried out by the United Nations Environmental Programme and Kenya Wildlife Service found extensive destruction of the mountain ecosystem. Seven threats to the forest were identified including encroachment, logging, charcoal production, clear felling, growing of marijuana, landslides, livestock grazing and fires.

With this in mind, join SCC’s ‘1 + 1 = 2 Protect’ Scheme to help raise funds to re-plant trees on the slopes on Mount Kenya and help the reforestation of the area. Each tree costs $3, so even a small donation will make a real difference. SCC hopes to have planted 1000 trees by the end of 2018.

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"We saw so many extraordinary things - not only stunning wildlife but met interesting locals and conservationists which made our trip exceptional."

Candice Trafford, USA May 29, 2016


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