The Safari & Conservation Company moves into the world of art

We after often surprised and excited by the variety of guests we have that come on safari with us; Lords and Ladies, celebrities, rock stars and models, but artists are not guest we get often!

This month, we have had acclaimed British sculptor and artist Mark Coreth visiting with two guests on a ‘sculpting safari’. Mark, who was born in Kenya and has a deep passion for African wildlife (something that is clear from his work), had offered his time and expertise as part of an auction prize, put together by SCC and in partnership with a variety of lodges across Kenya.

The team of three sculpt on Borana Conservancy

The auction was to raise money for two amazing organisations that are raising funds. The first is Big Life Foundation; now a well-known name due to its involvement in Netflix documentary ‘The Ivory Game’, it is focused on protecting elephants and rhino across Africa from poaching and human-wildlife conflict. The second cause, which remains close to the hearts of SCC, is the Harry Dyer Burn Unit. This unit, which is being funded to be built in Kenya, is the brainchild of Harry Dyer (the son of SCC Director’s Fuzz and Bimbi) after he had a shocking plane accident last year that almost killed him. Without proper medical facilities in Kenya to deal with his burns, Harry was flown to South Africa where his life was saved. Since Harry’s accident, he is now back in the air flying again, but has a strong desire to provide help to the thousands of Kenyans who, when they burn themselves, should have access to the same facilities and help he did.


Harry Dyer, after his plane crash in 2017

Mark, with guests Lisa and Sam, have been spending time across Kenya in luxury camps that were donated specially for the safari, including Borana Lodge, Ol Donyo Lodge, Ithuma Hill Camp and Manda Bay. At a number of these locations, the team spent time sculpting the animals they saw and studied, including giraffe and elephant. Mark, particularly, is interested in the One Ton elephants that the Chyulu Hills are famous for.

Mark meets Africa’s gentle giant

Another exciting moment was seeing a giraffe mid-birth to a young, which the team watched on Borana Conservancy and then sculpted from memory afterwards.

Giraffe spotted after giving birth

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Sam, one of the guests, is also a celebrated artist in the UK, and plans to use many of her sculptures, sketches and photos in an up-coming exhibition. Keep an eye out here for more information!

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"We saw so many extraordinary things - not only stunning wildlife but met interesting locals and conservationists which made our trip exceptional."

Candice Trafford, USA May 29, 2016


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